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About MTSA

The Minnesota Transport Services Association (MTSA) is the state trade association for the professional household goods carriers in Minnesota. From small apartment moves to large commercial moves, our members can take care of all your residential and commercial needs. Our members offer a variety of moving services such as packing, storage and moving supplies. As a condition for membership in our association, each mover must be licensed, insured and maintain their equipment to standards set by the state of Minnesota and the federal government. In addition, members have agreed to abide by a Code of Ethics promising to provide Minnesota moving consumers with honest, legal and efficient services. If you want to know about moving a home, an office or a business, this is a great place to be.

The MTSA website contains valuable resources  to help make your residential move less stressful. Check out our Mover's Toolbox for moving tips. MTSA members handle everything from local cartage to heavy hauling with specialized equipment. Our members also offer storage options from self storage to commercial warehouse operationsOur MTSA associate members provide carriers the very best in goods and services to assist in generating a quality service to the Minnesota consuming public. See a list of our Associate Members. Come on in and look around. If you have questions concerning household goods moves, freight moves, storage or warehousing, we invite you to contact us via email at or call us at Phone: (651) 646-4075 • Fax: (651) 641-0764.

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Code of Ethics

Household goods movers who are members of the MTSA have all subscribed to the following Code of Ethics. They have agreed to abide by the provisions of this code at all times.

The Minnesota Transport Services Association Code of Ethics is as follows:

  • TO maintain standards of professionalism and personal conduct that will reflect in a responsible manner on MTSA and the moving and storage industry.

  • TO adhere to all laws, rules, regulations, and applicable tariffs governing moving and storage operations, whether in intrastate or interstate commerce; and to conduct business in an ethical manner consistent with the laws of the State of Minnesota and the United States of America, or any subdivision thereof.

  • TO consistently offer and provide the most efficient and reliable moving and storage services available, while adhering strictly to a policy of truth, honesty, integrity, and fairness in all business transactions.

  • TO promote the elimination of fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, and unethical practices within the industry.

  • TO give fair and honest consideration to all complaints.

  • TO be conscious and considerate of consumer needs and to continually promote the progress, fraternity, education, and dignity of our industry so that the public will be better served.

  • TO act with fiscal responsibility and to maintain sound business relationships with suppliers, industry, and trades.

  • TO refrain from defaming competitors by falsely representing or falsely disparaging the quality of their services.

  • TO maintain the highest concern for the health, welfare, and safety of our employees, while recognizing their needs as both human beings and individuals.

  • TO afford all members and applicants maximum due process in the administration of Association affairs, to promote competitive practices, and to eliminate unlawful restraint of trade within the industry.

  • TO faithfully fulfill all obligations of membership, including the timely payment of all charges for membership affiliation and services.

  • AND to adhere to the Association Bylaws and this Code of Professional Conduct as adopted by the governing Board of the Minnesota Transport Services Association

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