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MTSA Certified Professional Movers (COMING SOON)

The Minnesota Transport Services Association is proud to offer a Movers Certification program.  The purpose of the program is to create a higher standard for moving companies and to create consumer confidence in the moving company’s ability to perform the services required.

The program monitors each local mover in areas of equipment, hiring policies, employee training and company responsibility.  Through the application each company is required to submit support that each company will follow the requirements set forth by MTSA Certification program and will follow the requirements through out the year.  Audits of the company can be performed by the MTSA to ensure compliance.

In the Movers Certification Program there is also a dispute facilitation program that will allow the end consumer to register a dispute against a Mover Certification company.   

MTSA has created a Movers Certification Board that will monitor all applications of the program.  The board’s range of responsibility are setting new standards, to reviewing applications for the program and monitoring yearly compliance.

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